BEIC visits École des Mines d’Albi

On the 1st of May Jörgen Held visited Prof. Ange Nzihou, director of RAPSODEE research centre at Mines Albi. Prof. Nzihou is an authority in waste valorization, President of the WasteEng conference cycle and the initator and chief editor of the Waste and Biomass Valorization Journal.

Prof. Ange NzihouProf. Ange Nzihou during the lab tour. The activities are centered around waste, co-products and residues as resources. The research group headed by prof. Nzihou are moving into the area of bioSNG production and the need for cheap and simple catalysts. Prof. Nzihou gave a key-note lecture on syngas cleaning at REGATEC 2018 in Toulouse.

Dr. Javier EscuderoDr. Javier Escudero, part of the research group, explains the underlying principle of fixed bed gasification. Dr. Escudero is promoting gasification as the future of organic waste recovery. His target materials are forest residues, household waste and non-recyclable plastic materials, etc. “Gasification is used particularly for dry and solid waste. It is complementary to the biological methanation process, which is used more for wet waste.

During the visit Jörgen Held gave a lecture on Biomethane production through thermochemical conversion of biomass and waste