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BEIC joins the Biogas Roadmap of Scania

The biogas roadmap of Scania (Skåne), Sweden is a joint effort between biogas players and organizations in Scania to drive the development of biogas. The Regional Authority of Scania (Region Skåne) has taken on the role of coordinating Scania’s roadmap for biogas. More than 60 players have written the letter of intent and participate in the important work towards a sustainable and sustainable Scania.

Biogas is part of a closed cycle where society’s waste is used. Food residues and industrial waste are converted to valuable and climate-friendly products such as vehicle gas, electricity and cogeneration. The nutrients can be returned to arable land by using the digestate as a fertilizer.

Baltic Energy Innovation Centre is in favour of the development of renewable energy in general, and biomethane in particular, and has signed a Letter of Intent supporting the biogas roadmap of Scania.

More information about the Scania Biogas Roadmap (in Swedish) is available here.